Avengers Endgame (2019) – Official Special Look Trailer out now

Tony & Pepper reuniting, looking at a photo of him and Peter, reconciling with Steve SO many feels right now! Can’t wait for Endgame!. I have to say for me that what I’m feeling in anticipation of this movie must be how fans felt back in the day of the original Star Wars movies releasing in theaters. This is my kinda Star Wars moment 😁 Deadpool says that 3 hours is too booring =))) but even 3 hours are not enough for these LEGENDS! I’m so excited That last shot of Tony, Cap and Thor walking towards a sitting Thanos 😳😳😳 chills down my spine The first trailer was sad i thought tony will not return to the earth but they managed to go back and fix star lords ship to go to the ship of thanos Remeber when in the first avengers movie they were talking shit to each other then they nearly murdered each other now they have an agreement Did you guys notice when the avengers team was on the guardian of the galaxy’s ship, cap was wearing the uniform in winter soldier Can I mention how the final scene in this trailer shows Captain America Iron Man and Thor facing Thanos. I’m so psyched So the part where Tony says do you trust me to steve it looks like the new York from the first avengers so is Tony going back in time to recruit member? Natpe thunai Full movie download
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