Captain Marvel Collection : Why Captain Marvel Blew Everyone Away At The Box Office Collection

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Because it’s a freaking Captain Marvel movie collection that it’s necessary to Avengers End Game. It’s not really that complicated. It could be about Howard the duck, but if it’s the movie that’s is going to point directly to endgame, it’s going to be a success.

You know it is a shit movie when the best thing about it is the cat
People anticipated it so much because of the connection of it on endgame
And endgame is the last avenger movie so the fans went all out

Congrats Looper, you read that script very well. Did Walt Disney give you a couple takes at it or did you have to read it dry? Funny you didn’t mention that compressing the global release to only 3 days instead of weeks along with the being released on hundreds more screens than previous MCU launches many of which were 3D and IMAX would play a huge role in the opening weekend numbers. But hey, I am sure all of your reasons are good Captain Marvel movie collection . I mean who wouldn’t love retconning a beloved leader’s war wound into a sweet widdle cat scwatch. Fun stuff!

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