Ethiopian Airlines flight 302: Why did 737 MAX crash?

New BOEING 737 MAX….Should all be Grounded. Pilots Flying this Model would be very nervous really! The Stabilizing sensors are Faulty (too small & send erroneous readings) ! Und Boeing did not do enough to train the Pilots on how to disengage the feature during distressing incidents!

Professor Pius Adesanmi, who was an English Professor in Carleton University, Canada and was also the Director of Institute of African Studies in the same University. And Ambassador Abiodun Bashua, a former Joint Special Representative for the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur, Sudan.

Whatever Boeing did but two new planes do not drop out of the air in minutes unless Boeing screwed up. I have my doubts that this type of Boeing is airwothy at all. They made some adjustments that should save up to 14% of fuel, but it looked like they screwed up the airworthiness. Key evidence

Recovered at Ethiopian Airlines crash site

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