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F2 Movie Reviews

When the festival is called ‘fun’, the majane is different. In that case, Sankranthi Pandak and the two of them are united in the punch of scattered sticks. And the next side of the pella is going to come back .. occasionally ‘frustration’. The story of ‘Fun and Frustration’ has come to theaters in Sankranthi Panduk to come up to theaters today, ‘F2’ (Fun and ‘Frustration). Directed by Anil Ravapudi, the film is directed by Pattas, Suprem, Raja Digatte, Venkatesh, Varun Tej’s multi starrer. Dil Raju has produced the family entertainer with Out and Out Comedy. Venkatesh opposite Milk Beauty, Tamanna, and Mehrine starring Varun. Prakash Raj, Rajendra Prasad, Anasuya, Haritheja, Subba Raju, Raghababu, Satyam Rajesh, Vennela Kishore, Priyadarshini, Big bass Fame Nutan Naidu, Thirty Years Industry Prithviraj, Annapurna, Haritha, Tulasi etc.

F2 Movie Reviews

If you go into the ‘F2’ story like a lunatic dinner without delay, Venkatesh (Venkatesh) MLA Raghubabu is working as a PA and tries to get married. (Tamanna) Bank Officer. Venky, who has seen the bride’s desire to marry a warrior who is unwanted before, is unwilling to marry in the first sight. Honey’s sister Honey (Mehrine) is studying in the hostel. Honey is the best thing to do. Telangana striker Varun Yadav (Varun Tej) has fallen in love with her. The little love that is shown in the newlyweds comes with small conflicts between Venky and lyrics. Veneci is the fastest to counter them. In this case, Varun is in love with Honey. Varun is aware of the ‘F2′ principle that Venky has said that he will only be friends, family and freelance. Venky, who has lost his family and friends, has lost the rest of the freedom, or run to Europe before the wedding. Honey’s marriage will be canceled .. Venky and Varun go to Europe to go to honey and luck. There is a key turning point in the story. Vanni and Varun are unwilling to lose their freedom, even though Honey and laughter are ready to come with us. Rajendra Prasad, who was so angry with two daughters, went to Europe and Jalsa. The father of childhood friend Prakash Raj will be assisted by his father, who later settled in Europe. Prakash Raj wants to give his two sons (Subba Raju, Satyam Rajesh) to two Akkacheells. Venki and Varun are aware of this and Prakash Raj is entering the house as a chant and child to stop the marriage. How did the chant and the bunty have stopped this marriage? How did you get back the wives’ love? What is an anchor role? The fun and frustration of this family circus is to look at the screen. There are no wives in the world who are not in the world. Their thoughts are often mixed. I think that’s the logic. Women think of emotion. Suppose the bells come from the office hours. The emotion of why they did not come before me. .. Arrgh! Your logic is lighter. Never add logic to this emotion. For days it is a day of slipping. But the hour is coming out .. The fun is going to go out for two hours and the husband never concedes. If the wife has a fever, it is enough to make a tablet. It is their emotion that they can not lie down in love. When you see logic emotionally, then there are no gaps in the community. Handling the girls is very easy too .. When you go to office, kiss over love. A phone call whether or not dine in the afternoon. A complement to the food that they put on a smile to their sari. After returning from office, one hour after all, they do not have a great deal of money. To be strong in any relationship, you have to say honestly two words. I love you while we are happy with them. I’m sorry when they hurt us. This is also the story of ‘F2’ Fun and Festival. Shortly after the cinema started, it became a fun stream in theaters. Venkatesh Vishwaroopam is shown as a little bit of gape. In the house, the girlfriends in the cuisine, Nuvinaku nachavav, remember the memories of the comedy punch sticks with sticks. It is a good thing to do with the comedy timing, but with the words of Anil Venkatesh’s Anil Fun and Frustration, he remembers the old days. Emotions are scattered in his style of scenes. How is the husband in the marriage of the husband in the bedroom? How is the office? Aunt masala how he acted in the role of a fun dinner for the audience to the audience. He giggles in the comedy scenes. The scene where a wife is a victim of her foster dog is the dog.

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