How to make your Thin Hair to Thick in 30 days

– Fenugreek seeds have hormones in them that are responsible for hair growth, strengthening your hair, and preventing breakage.

They also add shine and fight dandruff. – There are all kinds of other natural remedies you can use to thicken up your hair. How to make your Thin Hair to Thick

Eggs are one of the best! They give your hair a much-needed dose of protein that’ll make your strands strong and thick.

Olive oil is another awesome au natural hair treatment. It’s packed with essential vitamins like A and E that are a must-have for gorgeous healthy hair.

Castor oil also has a bunch of vitamin E in it. Plus, it’s got fatty acids that promote healthy hair growth. But even though castor oil does a pretty good job on its own, I learned that it’s better to mix it with coconut oil.
How to make your Thin Hair to Thick

While we’re on the topic of oils, it’s worth mentioning another important natural oil that can help you on your way to thicker hair: peppermint oil. And there’s no mile-long recipe for it either
you just have to add it to your shampoo or conditioner!

It’s crucial to make some changes in your daily hair care regimen. For example, blow driers and curling irons fry your hair and make it weaker and thinner.

Another thing you have to watch out for is your hair products. It’s no secret that most shampoos and conditioners these days are full of chemicals that do nothing but damage your hair and scalp. Go for natural hair products instead.

Over-washing strips your hair of its natural oils, so it starts pumping out even more to make up for the loss.

How to make your Thin Hair to Thick

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