iPad Pro 12.9 Review – Using after 2 Months – iPad Pro 12.9 Unboxing

I have the 12.9” 2017 iPad Pro and it replaced my laptop. I absolutely love it. I do video & photo editing, gaming, school, drawing and ton of stuff on it and I prefer it to any laptop even for this stuff (video editing and gaming included). It does take time to get used to iOS and it’s “bad and unusable” file system but after you do, you absolutely love it. Sadly I’d like to code in the future and there aren’t proper coding apps and a terminal for iOS. But for video editing on LumaFusion which is a very professional video editing app that allows you to do multi camera editing, luts and a lot more, taking notes at school with the Apple Pencil which is a second to non note taking experience I absolutely love mine.

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