New Complaint arrives in #Pollachi Issues – Says more than 100 Girls have connected to this issues

Pollachi Issues  Brave girl ! be brave, be strong, we are all with you don’t worry. All the other girls must come up soon and file a complaint against them so that, they will not be able to come out at any point of time. Whoever ur girl I appreciate ur braveness coming forward and complaining against the criminals. Hope the Police will act . Humble request no one should publish these girls photos. Media, trusting you she had opened up. Pls ensure no leaking of their identities. Government is busy in Elections. They are not busy in public service. We will support you sister. Through you we can save many girls from these brutal dogs. Very Good. Pollachi Issues 

The girl who gave compliant to police she should punish those guys because she cried infront those guys. They should feel the pain. No mercy. She should beat the guys with the same belt

Pollachi Issues 

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