Shame Short Film – Best Short Film in English with Subtitles

A businessman. A housekeeping lady. One business trip and everything changes for the worst. Watch Shame, directed by #AnushaBose, starring #RanvirShorey, #SwaraBhasker, a perfect short film that will keep you hooked till the very end. #BarrelSelect #LargeShortFilms #MakeItPerfect

Some Interesting Comments About the Short Film
I think many of the people in comment section are not understanding that this story is not about what is right and ethical but it is more about the title itself ” Shame”. Shame made each character do bad stuff which they normally wouldn’t have and it caused them harm.

So next time a housekeeping or a maid touches your personal belongings or steals somethings to fulfill his/her fantasy kindly don’t take any action against them because a communist film maker and an actress say so. Bloody nonsense.

Short Film Short Film in English

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