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When two soldiers were fighting I was little drunk.. And got feelings that i am being poisoned.what was that stupid enemys and after that your guy is your enemy and after that your enemy is your guy very not perfect life sometimes and thanks for the artist and who made this movie Sniper Full movie watch online

The movie starts off with Master Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Beckett (Berenger), an experienced sniper, and his spotter Cpl. Papich (Aden Young) assassinating a Panamanian rebel leader in the jungle. Afterward, they take up a position in an isolated part of the jungle and wait out until nighttime for an extraction. However, they are extracted at daylight much to the dismay of Beckett. Sniper Full movie watch online An experienced rebel sniper, formerly trained by Beckett, kills Papich as the two reach the helicopter, but Beckett is able to retrieve his body and bring it to the helicopter. Infuriated, Beckett blames the helicopter CO for Papich’s death. 

Sniper Full movie watch online

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