Top 5 Samsung best Smartphone in 2019 – Best Buy

I require dual Sim phones so I can keep my personal number and work number without carrying to phones. The dual Sim functionality on this handset is substantially superior to others I’ve used. The performance is perfect and esthetically it’s a work of art. The battery life with heavy usage is middle of the road, but it charges very quickly. My only minor gripe is the off center placement of the fingerprint scanner, but muscle memory makes it a non issue after a short amount of time. I’m very happy with my purchase.
Also, I’m recommending this seller to any of my friends or work colleagues that are looking to purchase a phone.

Phone was as genuine and described from NGP Store USA. I received a Chinese version with model number SM-G950FD. Everything work perfectly in the US on T-Mobile EXCEPT for wifi calling and Samsung Pay, so if you are looking to use those features, get a T-Mobile or Unlocked USA version. Samsung Pay, once updated, is in Chinese with no way to revert to english or to use American credit cards. I contacted T-Mobile and Samsung, and both verified it is not a carrier issue, but a locale issue. There is no mention of this on the product page, and I think it needs to be brought up.

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