Complete Responsive Food / Restaurant Website Design Using HTML / CSS / JAVASCRIPT

Responsive Food And Restaurant Website Using Bootstrap 5 – Bootstrap 5 Responsive Website Design

HTML CSS Full Project | Restaurant Website | Shaif’s Cuisine

Restaurant Website Design Using HTML

Step 1 :- click the google drive link ☝☝☝
Step 2 :- click on download link in the google drive.
Step 3 :- extract the zip file into your desired folder.
Step 4 :- open the folder and then rename each coding files.
Step 5 :- convert each coding files example
( index.txt to index.html ) – ( style.txt to style.css ) – ( script.txt to script.js ).
Step 6 :- open the converted index.html file into your browser.
Step 7 :- open your editor and put your converted into it and then edit it as you like.

How to make a complete responsive food / restaurant website design using html css and vanilla javascript step by step. create a complete responsive restaurant website design template using html css and vanilla javascript tutorial for beginners.

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