Earn Through Swiggy ! Learn How To Make More Money through Swiggy.

If you are planning to join a food delivery company like Swiggy or any other competitor of them make sure you have below things.

  1. Own Registered vehicle ( scooter/bike/cycle)
  2. Valid Driving License.


This company hires from a recruitment agency many times and they do a background check of all of your documents, so make sure you have all of your original document and don’t make a duplicate to get this job.

It is easy to get selected in the interview, they need more and more delivery people in their fleet so even if you are rejected try from some other area or city.

Also make sure you can work in harsh environments like Rains, afternoon heat and uneven shift timings.


Say yes to all the questions which they ask like ‘can you deliver at night and early morning? will you be available to work in the morning shift?


Don’t give reasons for any questions, like don’t tell them your personal problem,

Don’t be nervous in the interview.

Don’t talk too much in the interview, companies need people who work more and talk less.

Bad Habits Check

  1. After a lot of complaints from customers about delivery people are eating Pan, Tobacco, Gutkha while delivery is not acceptable, one single complaint by any customer and your job will be no more.
  2. Don’t drink beer, whiskey or any alcohol on duty, the chances are less that you will get accepted if this company come to know that you are a regular drinker or smoker.

Good language and Soft Skills

  1. If you are good at talking to people politely in a local language, you don’t get angry often that is a good plus point.
  2. If you have worked in any service industry where you have managed customers it’s a plus point.

Long Working Hours and Average Payment

Many delivery executives have to work more than 8 hrs to complete their target, make sure you deliver as soon as possible and ask customers to rate for the deliveries so you get good feedback.

Normally these companies calculate 3 delivers/hr so if you work 8–10 hrs you are expected to deliver 24 to 30 deliveries, but it is not that easy as at peak time orders are more and in some of the off-peak times orders are less.

Minimum Earnings

Source – business insider and economic times

Every Order you can expect to earn min Rs 35–40. So if you make 15–20 deliveries you can make about 3000–4000, deduct Rs 1000 for petrol and maintenance so you make around 2000–3000 on an average per week with one day off.

Average Earnings/Delivery – Rs 35/-

Working Days a Week – 6 days ( 1day off)

Average Order Deliveries /day – 15–20 orders/day

Daily Earnings – 15 Orders x Rs 35/Order = Rs 525/-

Weekly Earnings – Daily earnings x 6 days a week = Rs 525 x 6 = Rs 3150/-

Monthly Earnings – Weekly Earnings x 4 weeks = Rs 3150 x 4 = Rs 12,600/-

Note – Above estimates is for minimum earnings. You can get an incentive and bonus on more orders and timely deliveries.

Earning Rs 10–12k net is easy but earning above that is a bit difficult you can deliver 20+ orders a day then the earnings are in the range of 16–20k/month, you will have to do overtime and deliver more orders also if you reject any order your earnings will decrease.

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