New official SuperMarioMovie trailer wins more Hearts

This is literally The LEGO Batman Movie and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse but for Mario. It’s taking every part of the character’s history and world over the past several years and combining it all to make one grand scale film that’s an ode to the franchise.

The Mario Bros. Movie is coming to Europe, South America and Australia before the US

The Super Mario Bros Movie will be coming to parts of Europe, Australia and South America before it arrives in the US.

Since the film’s first trailer was shown, various different regional arms of Universal Pictures have been confirming their own release dates for the movie, and many appear to be taking place before the April 7 release confirmed for the United States.

On Tuesday, Universal Studios UK confirmed that The Super Mario Bros Movie will release in UK cinemas on March 31. Meanwhile, Universal Studios France confirmed a March 29 release for French cinema-goers.

The earliest date to be confirmed so far is Belgium, where Universal Studios Belgium has confirmed a March 22 release. Australia and New Zealand will also be getting the film before the US, with both countries confirming a March 30 release date.

The Universal Pictures Latin America site also confirmed that most of South America will also be getting the film before the US’s April 7 date.

A selected list of confirmed release dates (with links to official confirmation) is as follows

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