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In 2022, the Internet is already the most popular marketing method today, but there are still many operations that many people do not understand about SEO.

Internet technology brings you into the field of SEO, which is an important role of your professional digital consultant!

Know that Google is the most used search engine in the world, with tens of millions of searches per day. When users search for these keywords today, it is possible to search for your store, and there is an opportunity for exposure, which increases exposure and can be displayed first.

How to improve keyword ranking?

To improve your keyword rankings, you must first find the right keywords for you. So be sure to be clear and know how to set keywords. If you find that you have chosen a keyword that is too much competition from competitors and no one cares about it, it will be difficult to stand out and bring too much benefit. Therefore, the right keywords are important.

About the SEO first page?

According to the practical experience of operating keyword ranking by Internet Technology, it is true that many keywords may be operated on the first page, but how to judge whether a keyword can reach the first page, there are many factors to consider
! The proportion of websites that operate on keywords, who wrote the articles about the keywords, and has the website structure been improved?
Are keywords operational? There are a whole bunch of SEO details to take into account.

Google uses AI algorithm analysis to help maintain good quality assessments to ensure search results are of a high standard. You should all pay attention to the well-structured content, especially for high-ranking pages, and never link to low-quality links or write low-quality articles just to rank.

How to charge for SEO?

Each set of keywords has a different value, which depends on the competition of the keywords. The ranking services provided by Internet Technology are all customized, not only showing you the keyword rankings, but also helping you get new rankings. Rank! If your business’s ranking on Google drops, we’ll let you know which page on your site is affected and what’s changed so you can fix it.

 Track your important SEO keywords
 Monitor your competitor rankings and changes
 Get new keywords and content ideas

Keywords paired with high-quality content

It’s not just the frequency and density of keywords when determining rankings. What’s more important is material relevance, and whether the content is actually useful. Stuffing a website or article with keywords will not only fail to improve rankings, but will reduce the effectiveness of the algorithm because the content has no value.

If the website structure is not good, making it difficult for users to browse, the ranking of the website will definitely be affected! Content is high-quality, trustworthy, and useful, or interesting and impressive. The content is significantly different from the opponent’s, both in overall and in detail, and solves the user’s problem in a very easy-to-understand way.

Google search first page

By creating significantly different content of articles and providing readers with richer and more useful information, optimize web pages, improve the ranking of the company’s website, and regularly check traffic results, provide relevant articles, links, suggested websites, keywords Optimize, greatly improve your SEO performance, and invest in Google Maps ads to grasp potential consumers and get traffic.

The algorithm of the Google search engine is to re-evaluate the website after you adjust it. Because there are many items, don’t expect to see immediate results. After that, you must continue to observe and adjust the website.

How to write high-quality content?

Set topics and keywords
Set audiences 
Think about the value that can be provided to readers

Whether you want to attract new visitors to your website, increase online sales, win incoming calls or increase customer return rate, whether it is online marketing, professional programming, writing technology, visual design and aesthetic editing, Internet Technology has a set of websites for you. Take into account the skills of SEO. Not only will it help expand the company’s reputation, it will also introduce long-term natural traffic, so that consumers can recognize your brand, increase their desire to buy, and help you enter a stage of rapid growth.

Google’s first page talks about getting a good impression from consumers

When writing the content, adding self-created content, such as experience essays, can add more value to your article. Not only users on the Internet like to watch, but also algorithms.

Experience articles can allow readers to truly understand and decide whether to buy or use this item through your personal sharing. It is of great reference value for readers, which means that the information is practical and in line with the core value of search engines. .

The first page of SEO is a necessity for your marketing. The free Internet technology program will bring you into the field of the first page of SEO. Internet technology is an important role for your professional digital consultant. Welcome to leave a message below for consultation.

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