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However, in recent years, Australia has seen a significant shift in its economy. What was once a land of raw resources – dealing in sheep and coal – has adapted to new technologies, scientific breakthroughs and a growing global economy. 

Despite being the world’s 6th-largest country and boasting the 13th-largest economy, Australia is often overlooked in terms of business in favour of the U.S and its European cousins.  Whether you’re looking for a side hustle, planning to go international or hoping to launch a brand new business, this post will share some of the best business ideas in Australia

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14 of the best business ideas in Australia

The best business ideas Australia-wide depend on you and your skillset. 

You might be a people person who’d love to start a consulting firm or perhaps a skilled coder who wants to work behind the scenes on websites and apps. You might be handy with tools, a skilled tutor, good with kids or any number of things. 

Whatever your skillset, Australia is full of opportunities for you. These are some business ideas in Australia that have the potential for impressive growth.: 

Network security

The world of technology is ever-changing and companies and governments need growing digital defense. A knowledgeable and reliable expert in network security and defense is a lucrative area to start a business. 

Consultant firms 

Helping companies stay ahead of the curve and solving their problems is an ever-changing industry where a new perspective can propel you to success.

Online courses 

Do you have valuable skills? Are you comfortable teaching? Sharing your knowledge through creating an online course is a great way to make some easy money off the work you’ve already done. 


For the foodies and chefs out there, a restaurant might seem like the logical choice. However, restaurants are hard work and high-risk. Catering is a simpler option with rapidly growing demand. Learn more about entrepreneurship in the food and beverage industry with our Expert Track. 

Small business ideas in Australia

Australia has a rich history of supporting small businesses and shopping locally. However, you can’t count on this community support. 

The most important thing to keep in mind when starting a small business is your point of difference from the big companies. Are your staff friendlier, the product superior or your location more accessible? 

The idea itself won’t matter as much as the point of difference. So be sure to make yours obvious to the consumer. That said, some great small business ideas include: 

Farming and Agriculture

If you like the great Australian outdoors and know your way around a farm then this might be the job for you. If you have enough property, you can start right away, producing and selling food products. You could even look at sustainable food production. 

Plus, with Australia’s major cities boasting incredible local markets, there are so many ways to sell the food you grow or otherwise source. With a simple beehive in your backyard or a row of chicken coops, you can sell honey or eggs without too much set-up, and go from there.


They operate with little to no staff and require very little management. The best laundromats highlight their main selling point, convenience, by choosing an accessible location and having longer opening hours.

Home business ideas in Australia

Many of us now recognise the benefits of working from home. For a business owner, the benefits are even greater. 

No more renting, commuting, buying a bunch of suits or dealing with office drama. All of these things are a drain on your resources and for a new business, there’s precious little money and time to spare.

For many of us, the lack of a schedule may result in lower productivity. So to succeed with a home business, you’ll need to be skilled at managing projects. 

That said, here are some of the best home business ideas in Australia experiencing considerable success right now:

Interior design

Do you enjoy being creative? Have an eye for space and design? This intellectually challenging profession can be enjoyable and stimulating. 

Marketing advisor

The court of public opinion is extremely fickle and having the right creative marketing advisor can catapult a company to success. In this digital age, we see a rising demand for skilled marketing advisors from a wide range of backgrounds.

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