What is the best Telegram channel for the stock market?

What is the best Telegram channel for the stock market?Answer640FollowRequestMoreAd by AMDPerformance that will blow you away.Modernize your technology with AMD Ryzen PRO mobile processors for exceptional efficiency & performance.Learn More237 AnswersBestSir Technicals, B.Tech Java & Stock Markets, Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur (2012)Answered May 11, 2020

Hello All,

Let me tell you all the TRUTH about Stock market & Telegram channels. These day you will see thousands of Telegram channels who are posting calls and stock tips but they are doing too much advertising there for PAID services.

Simple example: They will say buy Banknifty 20000 CE at 150 now if this goes from 150 to 153 they will post with ROCKETS from 150 to 153. Now if this goes 155 again rocket with 155 then 160 again rocket with 160. So number of rockets are more than the points earned.

Now, u will there are very popular traders also like Mitesh_Engr, PR Sundar etc. They do have their Telegram channel but they post is just profit screenshots and their trade positions, that too very complex for new Traders.

But its not all true. There are channels where you can see good calls also, They use to share charts, learning materials, stock suggestions etc.

Examples: Nrj Finance, Nifty F&O Traders, Vijay Wealth ProviderStock Phoenix and many more.

My personal experience:

For Positional trades and Intraday trades in Stocks :: Nrj Finance

For Future & Options :: Nifty F&O Traders, Vijay wealth

For Banknifty trades: Ghanshyam Tech

Also I would like to thanks above channel providers who are doing great job and they are uploading daily analysis videos also in Youtube.

My Personal Tip: Beginners in Stock market should avoid Futures and Options.

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