Facebook Ads tutorial For Beginners in 2024

A lot has changed in the past 12 months and I wanted to bring you the very latest Facebook ads tips, tricks and strategies.
In this video I take you step-by-step through everything you need to get started with Facebook ads and succeed.
From setting up a Meta Business Manager Account to fully creating and launching a high performing Facebook ad campaign.
This is the most detailed Facebook ads tutorial I have ever created. I cover every single aspect of Facebook ads that you need to get right.
So if you’ve never run Facebook ads before, or you have and you’re not sure you’ve got the best possible set up, this video is what you need.

The BEST Facebook Ads Tutorial For Beginners in 2024

You mentioned that leads and sales may be the most common options for businesses, but what if you are in the process of developing the business, and all you want to do is build a following and audience that you can later tap into once the business reaches a stage where it could offer its service. In this situation, would awareness and traffic be more useful.

Just wondering, since you’re serving advertising/media buying service for your clients, sometimes international clients. How do you manage the contents/creatives that they post? Like for example, if you require an attractive video or pictures to be uploaded, that’d require the client to execute the shooting of those videos/photos right

Really appreciate your effort on introducing every updates on the backend of managing Facebook ads! I just have a quick question. Can a newly created facebook account (let’s say 1 month old) be able to manage ad accounts for clients? Won’t that run any problems? And does it need to be verified (business acc) when you’re just running their facebook ads thru your fb account? Thanks a lot

Appreciate your work. I would be grateful if you can make a detailed tutorial on how to set up conversion api manually for more accurate results. i run an ecommerece business that’s why it’s important for me. Thanks.

How would a pixel work if I had a website created and maintained by my employer’s company, but I want to send leads to a form on that page? For example, I cannot edit the company website to place the code within it.

Great video. Super helpful! Can you advise if there is a way for me to send a voucher for people to click on when I’m publishing my lead gen ads? I’d like to be able to send people a ‘free singing lesson voucher’ in exchange for their email to start creating an email list. Thanks in advance!

Quick question,is it important to have a Instagram account connected to my business manager if I just started my Facebook business account and have not ran ads yet?

Please can you have a go at answering a question for me. My personal FB account got hacked, which I got back after about 6 weeks. However the hackers removed all admins from our FB business page and ad account. I’m not too bothered about the ad account as It was not used much, but it seems I’ve permanently lost our business page which I used for about 6 years. There seems to be no way for me to report this? What can i do?Show less

What do you recommend if you sell 2 different products, 2 different campaigns? also how important is it to reach 50 conversions. with our budget it takes us weeks to hit 50 conversions. thanks so much!

You made a video in the past that explained what changes you shouldn’t make to an existing campaign, and when to make a new campaign instead. I can’t find it anywhere! Can you share it with me? I am considering switching away from CBO but I don’t know whether I should duplicate my campaign to trial this.