Resort in Maldives for Couples – Resorts for Private party and Idle Villa

This is the final episode of my Maldives series but for sure , it’s gonna be the most interesting one . As many of you asked me about the prices of rooms and other things in Maldives, I decided to cover each and everything I could from beach villas, water villas, to all the water sports resort had to offer.

MALDIVES is a tropical destination in the Indian ocean. its not a single island, its as a collection of more tiny coral islands, each island is surrounded by a lagoon of crystal clear sea water, which is in blue shade, beauty of white sand beaches and palm trees, makes the place very relaxing for everyone. I can say one of the best destination is Maldives, everyone must visit once in their lifetime. Here in the video I have shared our past travelling experience to Maldives. I have posted some of our photo’s, videos and our overall travel budget at the end of this video subscribe for more videos…

Maldives Trip Budget details 2021 Discount for Subscribers Covid Rules

Maldives is a beautiful place and the island of the blessed.Thank you for being so clear and open with all the explanation. The way you explain everything clearly explained . Keep up the good work.👍 You just explained everything neatly about Maldives. It’s’ quite useful !!!. Thanks for this video sir, very informative for someone who wants to travel to Maldives. You covered all necessary points.👍👍👍

CHENNAI TO MALDIVES – Maldives Travel guide Budget & Planning during COVID

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