Learn Facebook Ads in 20 Minutes – Digital Marketing Course For Beginners

Digital Marketing alone can give you 15 different ways to start making money online. In 2024 it is the most adopted method for businesses to scale and grow online.

Learning Digital Marketing is not difficult and I’ve made many separate videos on that. But in this video, I am going to talk about one of its important subsets.

A lot of companies spend money on it and it is the most common thing around you. Yes, I am talking about Advertising. By learning Online Advertising, you can expand the reach of any business, bring them new customers, and diversify their revenue in various ways.

By the end of this video, you will learn everything you need to know to create viral ads. You will learn what Facebook and YouTube ads are, and how to run an Ad Campaign. I’ve covered everything in detail, make sure to watch the video till the end and Subscribe for more amazing content.

Facebook Ads Tutorial For Beginners in 2024 – How to Create Facebook Ads

When setting up your ad, you’ll select a budget, which is the amount of money you spend on showing people your ads. Your ad will be served up against other ads trying to reach the same audience. You can help your ad be more competitive in our ad auction by giving it sufficient budget and time to run.

Tell us the goal that you want to achieve and we’ll recommend the budget that you should use for your next ad. Set your ad to run for at least seven days.

Find the right audience on Facebook.

Help make sure that your ad gets seen by people most likely to take action.

Think about who you want to see your ads.

Choose your ideal audience using factors such as geography, age, gender, language and interests.

Refrain from narrowing your targeting too much.

Starting with an audience of between two and ten million people will give you a better chance to find the people you’re looking for.

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