Instant Unblocking Money ENERGY 💰 Seven Keys of Prosperity & Money

Any finger that touches this will receive money or good news today! The MESSAGE FROM THE ANGELS FOR YOU is brought today by the ARCHANGEL URIEL and he tells you: TO THE ENERGY OF MONEY.- My beloved, the entire universe is made up of energies that flow and move incessantly.

The energies cannot remain immobile, but to function and to maintain the perfect divine order, everything must be in continuous movement and in continuous change. Everything is energy, everything can be reduced to energy. Happiness is energy, so is love, sadness, abundance and lack. You yourself are energy. You are a physical body but you are also a spiritual body.

As such, you have physical needs and spiritual needs. All the things you need to attend to and meet those needs are also essentially energy. One of the energies you need to meet the needs of your physical body is money. Money is also an energy that moves in the universe and that can bless you.

For many years human beings thought that money would take them away from their spiritual world, but this is not entirely true. You should not go to money as a refuge or as the source of your happiness, but money allows you to have a life in which there are no material deficiencies, and therefore that contributes to your well-being.

In order to take care of your spiritual needs, your physical needs must also be met. It is useless for you to surrender to your spiritual development in this life if your physical body is going through miseries and deficiencies. Today I invite you to approach the energy of money and understand it, to approach it with love, being aware that it is a blessing that you can attract into your life and that you can materialize for your greatest good.

You should know that it is perfectly possible to find the balance between material wealth and spiritual wealth. But you must not forget at any time that money is only a tool for your well-being, a tool to have your physical needs covered and thus be able to take care of your spiritual needs with complete peace of mind.

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