Sadhguru Answers Is It Wrong To Have Sex Before Marriage? – Youth and Truth

As a part of the Youth and Truth Campaign, Sadhguru visits JNU where he answers many interesting questions asked by the students and visitors present at the campus. One of the questions was – Is pre-marital intimacy still a taboo in Indian Society? Sadhguru answers this as how pre-marital intimacy was considered bad in old times. And he also sheds light upon if it is still relevant or not to have pre-marital intimacy.

How to overcome sexual desires and hormones hijacking ?

how to overcome sexual desires and hormones hijacking in young age is the question asked to Sadhguru JV in Youth and Truth programme. How much of pornography is good for a student is the question asked to sadhguru. Some religious things started saying that very biology of human being and culture started hiding it and it is wrong but indian culture has never said that.

There is lot of temple art of it in india and it is understood like a surface of life and we need to deny or glorify it. Sadhguru said that seventy percent of internet is pornography and it is sick to have this kind of platform for the people. It is unfortunate. Your biology is not the front end of life and it is only a part of the life.

At a certain stage in life you need it about it and at later stage it is not needed that much and biological needs are only on peripheral. Only animals has it as a majority but not for humans. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is someone who makes understanding of life and around it easy with his Simple yet very effective approach. He is straight to the point, bang on the issue in a no nonsense way and cleans up all the unnecessary confusions around many aspects of life.

He answers questions which appear quite complicated and listen to the answers, you will know they are not actually complicated but with our thought process and limited ideas, we have complicated them. He says we need to see things as they are but not with our predefined perceptions.

Humans complicate their life and journey with limited ideas and egos that I am always correct and everyone has to listen to me. If we check our self, our own mind won’t listen to us and expecting someone else to follow our ideas is not practical. He says whatever the situations around you, if you keep your senses in your control and not effected by external influences, you are near to realization.

Sadhguru is a spiritual guide to millions of people around the globe and his way of doing is not to understand spirituality theoretically but experience it with simple but wonderful yoga practices. He says reading hundreds of books won’t make any one spiritual rather it has to be understood with inner experience. Sadhguru jaggi vasudev is rational and spiritual.

He suits well for today’s youth who want answers why shall we do like this why not the other way and his answers and approach more sense and logical so that they comfortably accept the ancient ideas without opposition. Listen to him, it changes many ideas that we have and introduce you all together into a different world. His wisdom is known by self-experience makes many things clear and can keep us calm and serine.

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