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Google Ads Advertiser Verification is a process that Google uses to ensure the legitimacy and credibility of advertisers who wish to promote their products or services through Google Ads. This verification process aims to maintain the quality and safety of the advertising ecosystem by preventing fraudulent or misleading ads from reaching users.

When advertisers create a Google Ads account or want to run ads, they may be required to undergo verification. The verification process typically involves providing certain information about the business or individual, such as their legal name, address, and tax identification number. Google may also request additional documentation to verify the identity and legitimacy of the advertiser, such as business licenses or incorporation documents.

Once the verification process is complete and Google verifies the information provided by the advertiser, they can proceed with creating and running ads on Google’s platforms. Advertiser verification helps build trust among users by ensuring that the ads they see are from legitimate businesses or individuals.

Additionally, Google may periodically review and update advertiser information to maintain the integrity of the platform and protect users from deceptive or harmful ads. Failure to comply with Google’s verification requirements may result in ads being disapproved or accounts being suspended.

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