How to Migrate WordPress Website With All In One Migration (100GB)

To do the migration we’re gonna use a free plugin from All In One Migration. I’m gonna find a very old version and modify the code so you can use it for websites up to 100 gigabyte. Now you don’t have to do it yourself, I did this already for you.

So if you want to download this free version, we go to and press enter. And here you can send in your name and your email address and then you get the file sent for free. Now the beauty of the WordPress ecosystem is that every plugin has been created, you are free to legally change it, re-distribute it, or sell it, or whatever you want to do with the plugins. Thats just how open source works.

So that’s why this is completely legal and you won’t get into any trouble. However if you do want to support the creators of the plugin, then you can go to the website of them and buy it of course yourself. Now when you fill this in, of course I’m gonna add your email to my email list. And then you press this button ‘Send me the free plugin’. Then you receive this email from me: “Great now you can download the free migration plugin”.

Just click on this link to download the plugin to your computer. In this example we’re going to migrate this website. It is a webshop with 360 products and all kind of variations so it’s all about 1200 products in total. It doesn’t matter for this migration if you have a webshop, a blog or just a website. It doesn’t matter how big it is, we’re going to migrate it right now.

The first thing we do of course is log into your WordPress website. If you’re still using /wp-admin/…. that’s not a very safe way so please watch my tutorials about WordPress security, because you don’t want to get hacked. Once you have logged into your WordPress website, we go over here to ‘Plugins’ oh they really need to update this… 37 updates! That’s really bad. Let’s go to ‘Add new’ over here.

And then you press up here on ‘Upload plugin’ click it. Then select the file you’ve just downloaded via your email. The all-in-one WP migration 100 gigabyte. And press ‘Install now’. The next thing to do is to press ‘Activate plugin’ over here. And you can see over here the All in One WP migration 100gb version.

Remember it’s a very old version and it has been adapted by me, so if you are done, delete it immediately. We’re gonna do this in this video so don’t worry. The next thing to do is to scroll a little bit down and you go over here and we press on ‘Export’. And then you click on ‘Export to’ and we’re gonna click on ‘File’.

Click on it. And then it’s going to export the entire website. But this might take some time, depending on the speed of your server and the available resources. Just hang in there, it’s gonna take some time.

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