Goa Beach Holiday Vlog | Goa Restaurants & Bars | Goa – Beaches, Place to Visit in Goa

All the places I went to in Goa – Goa is food heaven, it has the most chilled out cafes, the most scenic bars and restaurants and a fabulous vibe every place you go to.
The most fun holiday spot in India, any time of the year it’s an absolute fun holiday spot with the most beautiful beaches ever.
This must be my 7th trip to this place and you can never get bored of it. Places I visited this time – Baba Au Rhum Saz on the Beach Thalassa Mojigao Purple Martini Cohiba Pousada by the Beach A Riverie Sheela Local Restaurant Eva Cafe (Previous Vlog) Yazu (Previous Vlog) Romeo Lane (Previous Vlog)
So much more to explore and go to whenever you visit Goa. No amount of visits is enough. Hope you all liked this video 🙂

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