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Q) What is the best time to visit Maldives?

A: Maldives has an easy climate and is good for travel all year round. The peak season for Maldives travel is the Christmas – New year season of December and January, after which pleasant weather continues till well into April. May to October is the wet season, but since the rainfall is only periodic and evenings are still pleasant, and one has the added advantage of off-season discounts, this period can also be good for a relaxed and budget-friendly Maldives holiday.

Q) Is Maldives a good place for family travel?

A: Maldives is an island paradise and it is ideally suited for all kinds of travellers, be it families or couples. Since this destination works on a “one island, one resort” concept, what you need to consider while looking at your options is whether the resorts you are shortlisting are more suited for couples or for families. A lot of family friendly resorts are available in Maldives, which welcome families with children of all ages and also organize a variety of activities to make their holiday enjoyable. MakeMyTrip makes things easier for you by selecting the best family-friendly resorts for Maldives packages.

Q) How many days should I spend in Maldives?

A: Most people book a single resort stay in the Maldives. 4 or 5 days is sufficient for this kind of a trip, unless you are looking to specifically engage in a particular activity such as a week-long diving course, for instance.

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