Panama Party Night Life – Places to Visit in Panama Overview

Panama is a Central American gem known for its diverse landscapes, rich culture, and vibrant cities. Whether you’re interested in exploring the natural beauty, historic sites, or modern urban centers, Panama has something to offer. Here are some top places to visit in Panama:

  1. Panama City: The capital city is a vibrant metropolis with a mix of modern skyscrapers and historic districts. Don’t miss the Panama Canal, Casco Viejo (the old town), and the Biomuseo.
  2. Panama Canal: Visit the Miraflores Locks Visitors Center to witness the engineering marvel of the Panama Canal in action. Learn about its history and significance to global trade.
  3. Bocas del Toro: A tropical paradise in the Caribbean, Bocas del Toro is famous for its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and water sports like surfing and snorkeling.
  4. San Blas Islands: Explore the stunning San Blas archipelago, home to the indigenous Guna people. The islands offer beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and a unique cultural experience.
  5. Boquete: Nestled in the highlands, Boquete is known for its cool climate, coffee plantations, and outdoor activities like hiking, zip-lining, and birdwatching in the cloud forests.
  6. Gulf of Chiriquí: This region boasts beautiful beaches, marine life, and excellent opportunities for scuba diving and sport fishing.
  7. Coiba National Park: Located on Coiba Island, this national park is a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its biodiversity, pristine beaches, and opportunities for diving and snorkeling.
  8. Santa Catalina: A popular surfing destination on the Pacific coast, Santa Catalina offers great waves and a laid-back atmosphere.
  9. Pearl Islands: A short boat ride from Panama City, these islands are known for their luxurious resorts, white-sand beaches, and excellent diving and snorkeling sites.
  10. El Valle de Anton: This picturesque town is situated in the crater of an extinct volcano. Explore the vibrant market, visit El Nispero Zoo, and hike to the El Macho waterfall.
  11. Portobelo: Discover the historic Portobelo-San Lorenzo UNESCO site, featuring well-preserved forts, colonial architecture, and a rich history.
  12. Darien National Park: This remote and pristine wilderness in eastern Panama is a UNESCO World Heritage site and offers incredible biodiversity and opportunities for eco-tourism.
  13. Emberá Indigenous Village: Experience the culture of the Emberá people by visiting their village and learning about their traditions, music, and art.
  14. Isla Taboga: A short ferry ride from Panama City, Isla Taboga offers beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and a laid-back atmosphere.
  15. Volcán Barú: Panama’s highest peak, Volcán Barú, offers challenging hiking and panoramic views of both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea from its summit.

Panama’s natural beauty, cultural diversity, and historical significance make it a unique destination in Central America. Whether you’re interested in outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or simply relaxing on pristine beaches, Panama has it all.

Mike was our private tour guide. He was AMAZING! He showed us Panama City, and all the wonderful things the city has to offer. He set up our fun day for us and showed us many wonderful neighborhoods and apartments. He was so warm and welcoming. I’m so happy to have met him and when we move to Panama in November I’m definitely going to make sure we stay in touch with him. Thank you again Mike for showing us around the city and for just being a great guy! Also, Jackie’s tour guide book has been a God send. We appreciate all the hard work she as put into it and continue to share. Panama

As a former expat myself who has been living in America for almost a quarter of a century , now a dual citizen , I cannot stress enough to most basic concept for anyone considering to relocate abroad : YOU GOT TO ADAPT TO THE NEW COUNTRY. P E R I O D ! I did it when I left Italy and I never tried for a second to act as if I still were living overseas !! Panama

That would have been the most stupid move I could have ever made ! Also do not expect the locals to adapt to your mentality , culture and lifestyle : leave all of them at the border or better saying at the airport the day you will be flying . No gringo attitude either please , it won’t work and it will only makes things worse . As it should be anyways Panama !

And learn or at least make an effort to TRY to learn Spanish : although many people could understand it and even speak it fluently , English is NOT the official language of Panama and you should get acquainted with the new language spoken in the country in which YOU CHOSE TO LIVE ! For your own benefit !!

When I left Italy and landed in NYC I could not understand one word of English but less than a week from my arrival I was already taking English classes EVERY DAY five days a week in Panama . Just saying ….. “ If there is a will , there is way “. Buena suerte a todos y que Dios los bendiga !

I understand from my research that the best hospitals and health care facilities are located in Panama City. I was wondering how someone who lives in say Boquete which I believe is about 4 hours away would be able to get to the hospital in time if they were experiencing a life threatening medical condition like a heart attack or stroke that would require immediate attention? From what I heard, the local clinics and health care facilities are not set up to handle major health complications Panama. With that being said, would it not be a better choice for someone who has major health concerns to live in or closer to the city versus 3-4 hours away?

That’s my home country! All my family lives there while I’m in the U.S. I’ve been through Panama Viejo many many times and I dearly miss it. And Panama isnt just a hub for other countries! Its it’s own wonderful country!

I don’t know which algorithm YouTube uses to recommend channels to watch. All I can say is thanks for coming across this channel where I learn a lot about the world and makes me appreciate how great the globe is and indeed we are a village. Have binge watched many videos and subscribed already. Can’t get enough much love from Kenya🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

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