Facebook Ads Update COSTING You Money! Things never to do in Ads Campaign

There has been a new Facebook ads update that I don’t think really anyone know about or has really paid attention to and mostly due to we spend so much time in the ads manager we don’t actually really look at how the ad is being shown in front of our customers and today we’re going be talking about kind of the body copy and the headlines more specifically because they don’t really look like they used to so let’s take a look really quick the other day I spent probably I don’t know maybe 20 30 minutes scrolling on my feed and I was kind of just screenshotting different ads and stuff like that and I noticed something right . I I don’t typically notice this but I I noticed this

specifically when I was scrolling through my feed the other day and that is Facebook is showing less and less body copy now before it show like three different lines and then the creative and then you have like your headline right here and then boom shop now now you’re getting 50 yes 50 characters and that includes spaces before you have to hit C more right and there there’s nothing wrong with that like you can still hit C more and you can read the best of the copy there’s nothing wrong with that but before they used to show three lines now they show one line and more specifically 50 characters so why this important to understand because when you’re writing your copy now you know first off we haven’t really done long form copy in the last three four years and we spend probably close to a little bit over a million dollars a month and that’s SP been for clients and you know just lone for copies not really need it if you’re building the right creative if you’re building a really good landing page long form copies is really not needed and we don’t really take that approach anymore but I will show you guys a couple examples so as

you can see right here this one gets cut off see more the creative is decently well and then you know your hook or your headline down here but yeah so let’s take a look at you know a couple different ads so here’s one we created and then here’s one I just found online it’s nothing we created I don’t take any credibility or like anything for that but we did create this one right here it’s one of our clients you can see we only focused on a little bit of the body copy and we focused mostly on the creative and that’s still where you want to spend 90% of your time and attention is building a really good creative this one’s this one has a hook called every Mama deserves a break that’s the hook we how our visuals we have our sub headline we have our headline we have our body copy and you can see right here we’re more Centric around the creative itself because the creative itself is what does all the selling power and it’s responsible for all of your performance now if we’re selling a more technical product you know maybe have a medical product for example that there’s a lot

that needs to be explained to the customer then all we’ll do is we’ll simply just create a landing page and go more in depth on the landing page and just really click bait type picture or video that gets people to read the landing page so kind of go either way on that but yeah so first thing you just really need understand shorter body copy that gets people to read the image or watch the video that’s all we want now headline down here this all we want is a reason why you should click that shop now button reason why the perfect Mother’s Day gift bookshop now that’s it so reason why you should click the shop now button for the headline body copy that’s going to focus on why you should look at the creative the creative itself this is where you have your main hook that calls out your ideal audience basically drives curiosity and implies a benefit for that hook right there now this is just another ad again this one we have no we didn’t GRE and create we have nothing around this just an add I screenshot it and you can see right here there’s this body copy is a little bit longer but you can also see we’ve produced close to 30,000 ads in four years you can see they’re still leveraging a good enough statement before the C more that actually entices you to want to watch the video or click on the board button right there so solid work right there creative does all the selling power

Body copy you want to keep this 50 characters long including spaces and I’m focusing on something that’s going to get me to either look at the image or watch the video the headline inessentially something that’s going to be 40 characters or shorter including spaces and I simply want this as something for me to click that learn more button or shop now button creative wise we do 4×5 for all of our videos and one by one for all our photos if I know we’re in an industry where 90% of the winners are 9 x16s then I’ll do 9 x16s for both placements but just going to give you guys a little update on that side right there so yeah not really a super long video I just want to kind of show this for y’all and again more kind of give you guys a little more update onyou know where should you spending your time and attention and also to just being aware of like hey sheer body copy

sheer headlines work better and then you’re leveraging all your time and attention on that creative itself and then if you have a product that’s more technical that needs a lot of selling power we’re focusing more on a creative that’s more click bait to get the right people to land on a landing page or an AV tutorial or that does that longer form selling for more of a technical product that requires more selling instead of just leveraging a product page so we’ll do something like that a ssl an avoral a listicle a long form landing page then we’ll go into the product page itself so hope you guys enjoy this video make sure the like button and hit that subscribe button for new videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday if you want me to run your ads I specifically focus on scaling brands from six figures to seven figures per month we’ve helped four Brands now Contact : +91 8807445988 (WhatsAPP)

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