Free Proposal Template That Wins Clients

You are looking to increase the number of new leads coming into your Flooring’s business

Free  Proposal Template
Free Proposal Template

Currently, you’re averaging 7 enquiries a week, we’ll be looking to increase that to upwards of 30 enquiries each week. 

We’ll look at what is being searched for that you can provide and sell, then make a judgement on where to start in order to get you results fastest.

Lastly, we’ll build a long-lasting campaign that has you ranking for all your major keywords.

We will have a call which will help us determine what products and services you offer on a deeper level than we understand right now.
We’ll then go away and produce an action list.

We’ll break this down into months. This plan will be structured to get you results as fast as humanly possible.

Your site has been online for 4 years already which is great.
You’ll already be naturally ranking for a few keywords here and there. 

Our job initially will be to do a bunch of “quick fixes” to get you just ranked for something so you can start to see some results coming in.

It’s not instant, but it’s this unique method is the closest you can get to it in the SEO game

The end game is domination; to dominate your space.

Whatever wacky combination your potential customer types in – boom, you’re there.

That is ultimately how you get on that epic level of lead generation is to simply be everywhere. Now, this isn’t easy, cheap or quick but our hope is by showing you what’s possible and giving you that extra boost in leads, that will go a long way to funding the effort to taking over your local industry in Google.

We identified that the kind of weddings she wanted to organise would be on the lower end of the spectrum so we used Facebook Ads to run searches against industry magazines, popular websites relating to wedding venues and more.

We correctly assumed that because of the low budget, a lot of these were first-time and fairly young couples so we created an offer on the ads for a free download of a wedding checklist

Our strategy for this is two-fold:

1. We don’t take on every client. We’ve become very good at assessing whether we can help companies and we are very excited about helping you.

2. We grab the low hanging fruit available first. This fund pays back your investment as quickly as possible.

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