How to Fix a disapproved ad in Google Ads

his article explains how to find out if your ad is disapproved or limited by policy, why your ad is disapproved or Eligible (limited), and how to edit your ads and resubmit your ad for review. Additionally you will learn how to appeal a policy decision.

If any of your ads are disapproved or limited, in the “Status” column you’ll see “Disapproved” or “Eligible (limited),” and the ad may not be able to run. Hover the cursor over the status of your ad to receive information, including the policy violation impacting your ad.

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Edit and resubmit your ad

If your ad is affected by policies not related to the destination, below are steps to fix the ad: 

  1. Find the ad or extension you want to fix on the “Ads and extensions” page.
  2. In the status column you’ll see “Disapproved” or “Eligible (limited).”
  3. Hover over the status to see the policy violation.
  4. Click Read the policy under the disapproval reason to learn how to fix your ad.
  5. Click the pencil icon Edit setting, pencil icon to edit your ad.
  6. Edit the ad or extension so that it complies with the policy.
  7. Click Save. Your ad will be automatically reviewed again. Check the ad’s status in the “Ads and extensions” page for updates.

How to appeal policy decisions from the “Ads and extensions” table

If you believe we’ve made an error or have fixed your destination, you can appeal the policy decision directly from your Google Ads account. Start by clicking Ads and extensions in the left page menu. From here, there are two ways to appeal.

  1. Select the ads you want to appeal.
  2. From the menu at the top, select Edit.
  3. Click Appeal. If any of the ads you selected aren’t eligible for appeal, you’ll see a message showing which ads aren’t eligible.
  4. Under “Reason for appealing,” select Dispute decision or Made changes to comply with policy.
  5. Under “Appeal the following,” select which ads you want to appeal.
  6. Click Submit.

After appealing, you can always check on the review status in the Policy Manager.

  1. Click the tool icon Google Ads | tools [Icon] in the upper right corner of your account.
  2. Under “Setup,” click Policy Manager.
  3. On the “Appeal history” tab, you’ll find details for all ads you’ve appealed.
  4. The “Status” column shows whether the appeal is still in progress or complete.
  5. The “Results” column shows the results of the appeal, including how many ads had their policy review status updated after the review. If you submit the same appeal too many times, you may see the status ‘Exceeded appeal retry-limit’ in the Appeals History tab within Policy Manager. Please contact customer support for assistance with filing a new appeal.


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