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Hi I am Santhosh Kumar Digital Marketing Expert in Online, Film marketing plays a very important role in enhancing the film production’s revenue. We create and implement well organized advertising campaigns across various media platforms like trailer,magazines,newspapers,online widespread reach globally.

I understand the latest industry scenario and trends of promoting the movies on large or small scale in a different and unique ways to increase the market reach indefinitely and increase the profits.

Film Promotion in India

We expertise in events will help you increase market reach by promoting through various channel of growth in promotion of Films.The industry in today’s era is very competitive and we know to create a positive viral marketing with a spark to lighten up your product establishment in the market.

Movies have well integrated into the lives of human beings. Movies have formed part of one’s entertainment in one’s life. Movies make you laugh and make you cry. Movies stir up your emotions. Movies make you feel angry. Movies make you love the actors and actresses. Movies make you hate the villains-on-screen. Finally movies completely de-stress you putting you at ease and relaxed. And mind you sometimes movies can give you severe headaches too. That’s the power of movies and how movies wield influence on human lives.

Films click when they are made with the right mix of human emotions and elements and audiences too appreciate the efforts of the moviemakers. Movies fail disastrously at the box office when they are badly made.

But surprise of all, movies well-made with the right kind of story, screenplay, editing, big-star performance, and good directorial skills have failed to click at the box office as the audiences rejected them outright. History is replete with such movies, especially movies made in Bollywood , Tollywood and Kollywood . While the other side of the story is badly-made movies have become blockbuster hits. Why?

This is because of promotional strategies. Promoting a film at the right time with the right kind of advertising logistics any film would either become a hit or fails falling flat on its face with a big thud.

We promote your movie to Increase Audience Reach

First, our professional team will research your movie project. Next, we set up how to do the latest and valuable Movie Promotion and Marketing on a low budget. We have already promoted a lot of features and short films in the Kollywood (Chennai) industry.

Some Importance stapes of Movie Promotion and Marketing in Chennai –

* Create an Official Movie Website.
* Movie Poster Release
* Press Junket
* Social media promotion and PR in Shooting Time.
* Movie Teaser Release
* Movie Trailer Release
* Song Promotion
* Oficial Movie Merchandise Promotion
* Celebrity Meet & Greet Contests
* Q & A Session
* Promotional Tour
* Live Video Reviews from Cinema Halls
* Positive Movie Reviews on Social Media, Bookmyshow, and IMDb.

Kolserlywood film promotion and marketing agencies do to promote your movie?

  1. Do Something Remarkable – The Publicity Stunt

A vital movie promotion technique is the publicity stunt, a staged media event in which someone does something incredibly ridiculous, risky, or dramatic to attract more attention to the film’s premiere. This is very important to gain public attention.

2. Social Media Promotion

The film industry will reach out to its target markets through social media. You have a lot of flexibility with social media in terms of using the various resources, features, and formats to create buzz. Social media an essential part of brand marketing for companies in a variety of niches and industries. The best movie promotion and marketing company in Chennai uses this as an attempt to increase the reach.

3. Influencer Marketing

In the cultural industry, social influencers are becoming increasingly relevant. People no longer rely solely on newspapers or television magazines to decide which shows, films or series are worthwhile investments of their time. Instead, the public’s opinion is shaped by discussions on social media. As a result, influencers have a significant effect on the success of films and television programs. The Kollywood movie promotion and marketing agency in Chennai also uses influencer marketing for advertising.

4. Youtube Trending

If making YouTube videos is your primary content technique, you’ll want to make sure you’re posting videos that are currently trending. Otherwise, you’re losing out on chances to boost the brand’s image, audience participation, and even revenue streams.  The Kollywood film promotion and marketing agency in Chennai uses film trailers to treat to gain public attention.

5. Emotional Marketing

Emotional marketing is a form of marketing and advertisement that focuses on using emotion to get your audience to note, remember, share, and purchase your product. To evoke a customer response, emotional marketing usually taps into a single emotion, such as happiness, sorrow, rage, or fear.

6. Mame Campaign

A marketing strategy is a well-organized and well-planned set of activities designed to help a company or film achieve its marketing objectives. This marketing aim may inform the target audience about a new or current product, reinforce the brand promise and positioning, and attract more consumers to increase sales.

7. Ratings and Reviews

 The best way to search for a movie rating is to see whose ratings are distributed in a manner that most closely resembles, or is similar to, the pattern of a normal distribution, which is given a collection of values lying in a specific interval; the majority of them are in the middle, with a few others at the ends. People usually watch movies with good reviews.

8. Use other 50+ Importance Movie Promotion and Marketing Strategies in Chennai.

So, if you want to have the movie promotion with great attention and proper promotion strategy. Then you can look for us as we are the top movie promotion and marketing agency in Chennai and serve our customers the best service.

If you are looking for a Kollywood film promotion and marketing agency in Chennai, contact us.

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