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The most commonly used business model of online food ordering websites nowadays is the mixture of Aggregator and marketplace business model. The online food ordering website follows this business model to make the user’s choice of ordering their favorite foods delivered at their doorsteps in a single click away.

Many entrepreneurs follow this business model to succeed in the online food market. So let us take a look at the business model used by many online food ordering websites.

Aggregator Business Model:

In this type of business model, the Aggregator is the middleman who keeps interacting with two or more parties involved within the system. With this model, a company can connect with different suppliers and sell its products/services under its brand.

Marketplace Business Model:

It is the same concept as Aggregator, but it will not sell its products/services under its brand. Instead, it follows everything except the branding.

Food Ordering Websites Business model at a glimpse:

  • It follows the Aggregator Business model in connecting consumers with the food partners/restaurants.
  • It follows the Marketplace model in keeping the brand image of partners involved.
  • It mostly follows the marketplace model by leveraging the below benefits:
  1. Different partners have different product qualities
  2. Partners/Restaurants can set the prices for the foods
  3. Customers can choose the sellers

List of prominent Food Ordering Websites in the market using the mixture of Aggregator and Marketplace business models:

  1. UberEats
  2. Swiggy
  3. Zomato
  4. Grubhub
  5. Doordash

By establishing their brands as the model for others to follow, these websites become the business model for others to emulate in the online food market.

If you are an Entrepreneur going to start your food ordering business online, you have to seriously look into the business workflow inside these business models and then decide. When you are unsure about the business model, you can turn to the clone scripts in the market and start your business right away. The UberEats Clone Script lets you build an online food ordering system based on the UberEats business model Contact : +91 8807445988

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