How to code in 2022 – From zero to Pro career-level Web Development

Wanna code – and get paid for it? Here’s the roadmap! This video gives you the complete checklist of everything you need to know to go from absolute beginner to hired-professional in Web Development. Web Development is about learning html, css, & javascript and building web applications with those technologies

CSS Units – Which ones to use and which to stop using! – HTML CSS Tutorial

Don’t guess, know when to use px, %, rm vs em, fr, ch, vw, vh and more…CSS gives you a LOT of options and each is there for a purpose. SPECIAL THANKS to for peer reviewing this content! In this tutorial, we’ll cover all the CSS units, and, most importantly, which ones to use (and which NOT to use) for which situations. In web development, css units are often confusing as there are just many options. And, many css units – like px vs em vs rem, all seem to get the job done at times. But some are simply better than others and there are very good reasons why.

i’m here because I got burnt out on web dev and am feeling rusty. first thing I see is the 10px base font setting and then using rems for all child elements.. which is what I told a contracting company to do EXACTLY maybe 5 years ago.. or at least when I figured out what rem was for and we could get away from that 16px bullcrap! seeing what other problems I recognize with positioning. I skipped flexbox and went right into grid, since it was more complicated to master and might as well be consistent. yes, for full width fr is best, nested elements maybe % with padding and margin.

You’ll start by creating multiple HTML pages. They can be in the same folder, or in their own folder, it doesn’t matter, you just need to know where to point to them. Then, you simply make A tags to point to them. In HTML, when referencing a file, beginners tend to make 2 mistakes – they don’t spell the file name right (or use capital/lowercase letters on accident) OR, they don’t point to the right location for the HTML/CSS file. If the HTML or CSS file is in a folder, you need to reference the folder as well.

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