4 Major SEO Strategies in 2022 you need to know before Hire SEO Service

This concept has not changed in principle throughout the entire history of Google (or any other search engine, for that matter). But the method SEO marketers need to adopt certainly has seen a dramatic shift. 

That shift is not slowing down into 2022.

Follow Impressive as we look at 4 core strategies you should focus on for SEO marketing in 2022. We’ll get into how these changes may impact your current strategy. We’ll also discuss how to pivot your marketing to take advantage of these trends.

Mobile-first indexing takes centre stage

Part of this shift comes from Google’s prioritising of mobile-first indexing. Mobile versions of multimedia content are now primarily used to index and rank content.

Think about how a mobile user interacts with content – from pictures and videos to Reddit posts and TikToks. Google’s algorithms continually improve their ability to connect user searches to the content that is relevant to what they need.

From a marketing standpoint, SEO must reexamine this type of multimedia content. Google’s algorithms will only continue to improve, and strategising for multimedia content is critical to continued ranking success.

Focus on Security, Power & Ranking

Speed of access and high-grade security both are highly important for content ranking. But 2022 looks like it will prioritise security even more.

Some of this shift in security comes on the heels of the release of HTTP/3. The third iteration of this protocol provides better security, flexibility, and performance than prior versions of HTTP.

This protocol is on the cutting edge of release, but it will amount to many changes in how content ranking works. It’s already supported by over 70% of web browsers currently being run, like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

Adoption and usage of HTTP/3 will only further increase as it’s rolled out this year. This will have a direct impact on favouring ranking results for sites that use it.

Ecommerce SEO using Local time zone

Your local time zone, country, and even continent are all shifting in their importance within online business. The idea of globalising is not reserved for large, multinational corporations any longer. In fact, many marketing strategists need to reassess their own approach to global e-commerce. Do you?

Just this past holiday season, over 50% of worldwide online shoppers said they were willing to buy gifts online from other countries. This reflects a growing tolerance for customers to go beyond their local stores – or even their country – to buy online.

Recent data also shows a nearly 17% surge in global e-commerce sales for 2021. With more sales and an increased willingness to buy internationally, the writing on the wall is clear. All businesses need to open up their own perspectives to global e-commerce.

Google Search Ranking and SEO Specialist

The push for multimedia ranking comes thanks to users jumping around between multiple channels, apps, and services. This dynamic structure to user data makes an even stronger case for SEO specialists.

SEO specialists make connections across these various content avenues. Mobile-prioritized SERPs already connect users between queries and relevant apps like Google Maps. This idea further connects users across multiple apps, properties, and channels. The result is much more specific, highly relevant results for users.

With Google’s MUM algorithm taking further effect, this cross-channel connectivity will become even more important. Greater importance from Google’s perspective equates to higher ranking Google search results.

The changes in these cross-channel searches show why SEO specialism is so vital. General SEO strategies simply won’t do anymore. Boiler-plate SEO rollouts can’t make the connections between dynamic channels in a way that connects to users. There is no “one-stop shop” to produce an impactful marketing outcome.

So, what does all this mean for a business’s SEO? 

Without a link between these connections, prospective clients, customers and shoppers will fall through the cracks. This isn’t something generalised SEO could hope to achieve. And it’s exactly why you need SEO specialisation to maximise your campaign results.


he shifting world of SEO trends can often feel like you’re trying to build a foundation in the sand. Taking a proactive approach to your marketing can help yield the best results and return on investment for any of your advertising spending. If you need some help making it work, speak with the team at Impressive today.

Our team of experts in marketing, creative, and current tech will guide you through the weeds toward a results-oriented solution. That way, you can develop and launch an authentic campaign to better connect with your core audience. +918807445988

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