6 Simple SEO Tips TO get Millions of Website Visitors (per month)

I don’t know if you hear me out my friend In any how, you make awesome content. You advice reflect in the videos that you produce. You seem to have a great sense of explaining and seeding motivation in a viewer’s eyes.

Can I ask, you mention you hire people to do custom illustrations, can you let me know where you do this and what “keyword” you look for? I checked on Fiverr and can’t find the correct service. Would really appreciate it, and great info.

In this video, John Lincoln explains how to get Google SEO traffic with almost no effort. Check out these four strategies to incorporate into your SEO strategy:

1. Google Trends – Use real-time searches, daily searches, and breakout queries to create a page that covers the hottest topics. Get easy Google SEO traffic with almost no effort by being first to market, creating content around popular terms.

2. Google Search Console – Use this tool to find search terms Google is serving a page on your website in the results. The next step to Google SEO traffic is to create pages for search queries you have not created content for.

3. Click-Through Rate – Analyze those pages you have a high click-through rate for trends and see what is consistently working. Then, implement these tactics on pages with low click-through rates for an easy Google traffic boost.

4. Google Question Hub – Find unanswered questions and create content and pages. By addressing the top unanswered search queries, Google will reward you with even more traffic to your site.

In this video, learn Google SEO tips regarding duplicate content and its usage. Does Google penalize duplicate content. Are you able to rank duplicate content.

And should you be utilizing duplicate content. All of these Google search engine optimization questions will be answered in today’s duplicate content SEO tips video.

I decided to go ahead and make this video after a subscriber left a message regarding press release backlinks and the distribution of press releases utilizing the same links and utilizing the same content on a number of websites.

The main concern was if we keep consistently linking to the same website with in the press release utilizing the duplicated content will it have a ranking decrease a ranking increase or will it have no effect at all.

I wanted to go ahead and expand on this question because I thought that it would be very good to not only discuss the duplicate constant side of things but also the backlinking from duplicate content.

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