Google SEO office-hours – Do you have a question about Google Search or SEO?

These sessions cover topics submitted around anything search and website-owner related like crawling, indexing, mobile sites, internationalization, duplicate content, Sitemaps, Search Console, pagination, duplicate content, multi-lingual/multi-regional sites, etc. The answers are compiled by the Google Search Relations team.

0:00 – Intro
0:32 – Are meta tags required to ensure that the contents of an iframe is associated with the page using the iframe?
1:35 – Which category structure: hierarchical or flat structure for my website?
2:27 – How do I tell Googlebot not to search for links in selected scripts tags?
2:51 – I built a new site on Core MVC and moved it to HTTPS and I have problems with indexing the new pages.
3:25 – What is the recommendation for non-English page URLs?
3:46 – What does Googlebot do when it finds meta name = “rerender-status-code” content=”404″?
4:22 – New website launch with UI/UX improvements and new pages: is it better to change the design one at a time? 5:46 – What is the SEO impact of using double slashes in a URL?
6:25 – How can I find the problem “video outside the viewport” in Google Search Console?
6:55 – Product image URLs have changed and hosted elsewhere. How to transfer the image rank?
7:31 – My site had a lot of 404 pages, which I requested to be removed after a few published articles.
7:59 – The site returns HTTP 200 status for 404 pages. Is it considered a soft 404 or cloaking? How bad is this?
8:55 – How can I recrawl my website so that my students will find the new information?
9:41 – Can the sitemap file link itself or the sitemap page itself be indexed?
10:13 – A large increase in 404 errors based on Google picking up API paths in our raw JSON and crawling them. Help!
10:51 – Why doesn’t my service based business show up in the Search results?
11:52 – If a PDF ranks in the SERPs, can the user download it then be redirected to the site where the PDF is found?
12:17 – Is accessibility important for ranking?
12:50 – Buying links from third arty websites is one of the violations on Google Webmasters. Why?
13:19 – I have reported thousands of paid backlink reports with no noticeable enforcement by Google. How can I help?
13:49 – I have URLs with noindex and blocked by robots.txt. Few weeks ago, I saw Google was indexing them. Why?
14:17 – Why does my site’s impressions decrease even though I have updated new products according to trends?
15:11 – How do I remove content from Google index on my website?
15:37 – Are company-owned blogs eligible to be included in the Google News feed?
16:10 – How does Google handle special characters in search results?
17:15 – Why is the GSC position significantly different from the SERP search results?
17:58 – Can I arrange SEO directly with Google for free?
18:06 – Our business is closed but Google is still showing website results. Why?
18:22 – With SEO reporting, should I trust GA4 or Search Console? What are the differences between both?
18:53 – Can a URL contain periods as part of a SKU as long as not immediately after each other?
19:12 – How to know if my SEO is perfect? Are there any tools, apps, or websites available for it?
19:51 – Wrap up

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