Facebook Ads Trends for 2022 – Must Know before you start

With almost 3 billion active users on Facebook, the social media platform boasts one of the largest and most diverse audiences on the internet. So, it goes without saying that if you’re not tapping into even a fraction of that audience, then you’re missing out on a huge marketing opportunity. 

One challenge that every marketer faces in the world of social media is that there is no consistency. What was effective last year may not generate success this year. That’s why marketers must stay ahead of the curve – and essentially, their competitors – in the digital space.

Let’s take a look at which Facebook Ad trends will be essential for your strategy  in 2022. Facebook Ads Service


The success of TikTok and Reels on Instagram has encouraged Facebook ads to step up their game and have their own version of short-form videos.

We know that users are more likely to engage with videos, but they need to be short. Humans have an 8-second attention span, so you need to be able to grab it – and keep it.

Our hot tip: Capture attention in the first 5 seconds to prevent the mindless scroll


Test cold audiences using dynamic product ads (DPAs). You can also set the ads to PPC instead of “impression”, which allows you to reach new users for free, while you only pay for a qualified user to visit the website. As they can see the price and product before you pay for a click, the users are high quality and more likely to convert than a user who doesn’t know the price.


Thought emoji was out? Think again. Emoji can be used to attract attention – but you’ll need to be mindful of which ones you’re using, and how often. There is such a thing as overkill. Keep in mind that each brand and audience will have different emoji preferences, so if your client is a law firm, heart eyes probably won’t work. In saying that, there are branded emoji that work on the same principles as your branded fonts, colours, and aesthetics.

Our hot tip: A/B test your copy – one persian with no emoji; the other using emoji.


You might have used Augmented Reality (AR) yourself, whether “trying on” glasses or shoes virtually, and this technology has come to Facebook. When a prospect taps on your ad, they’ll see instructions on how to interact with your ad. Whatever your goal is, include a CTA, encouraging action. The creative thing about AR is that visitors will be able to record or take photos, and then share it in their feed and on Stories.

Our hot tip: Work with a partner who knows AR Spark and can use the platform. They will be aware ​​of the most up-to-date Facebook Advertising Policies to create an ad that is approved.


Let’s throw some stats your way:

  • On Facebook, around 350 million photos are uploaded daily onto the platform.

With Facebook video ads having a low CPC at $2 and the potential to reach over 2.1 billion people, you’d be crazy not to harness this trend in 2022.

  • watch videos every day.
  • The average person spends about 33 minutes a day on Facebook.

You do the math.

While our appetite for content is increasing, so is the amount of content available for us. That’s why it’s so important to capture attention quickly, with short headlines and concise copy. 

You want to get to the point.

If you’ve held their attention, from there, you can create content that will entice them to actually want to spend more time on what really matters, like blog posts, emails, and longer–form videos.


Businesses that see and understand Facebook ad trends hold a lot of power over their competitors. Seizing the opportunity to capitalise on these trends before their rivals ensures success.

The key is keeping up to date with what trends are falling behind – and forecasting which ones will deliver the most results.

If you’re looking to work with a company that always has their finger on the pulse, reach out to us at Impressive. We can help you set up, create, and maintain great Facebook ads.

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