New Facebook Ads SIMPLIFIED Ad Account Structure 2021

I’m the proud owner of an E-commerce Marketing Agency called Theriot Solutions. We’ve worked with clients like Gritty Soul, Metal Address Signs, and many more! In today’s video… Nick shows you the new simplified facebook ad account structure that generated over $24,000 in sales in only 7 days for one client. Having a right facebook ad account structure is very important if you want to get good results with facebook ads. Watch this video to learn how Nick structures all of his ad accounts, campaigns and ad sets for the best results.

FB consultants steer you away from Conversations campaigns when you are just starting. They say to use traffic first and then do a retargeting. I have heard from others to just do Conversations all the time and assess ads every four days to see if four metrics are met. What would you recommend for small businesses just starting out. Answer appreciated

9 Advanced Facebook Ads Manager Features to Quickly Improve Your Results

Looking for quick ways to improve your Facebook ads results? Are you using all the built-in features available in Ads Manager? Discover nine valuable and easy-to-use features in Facebook Ads Manager, in this walkthrough from expert Tara Zirker.

Explore two campaign-level features, four ad set-level features, and two ad-level features you can begin using immediately to greatly impact the performance and ROI on your Facebook ads.

You’ll learn why, how, and when to turn on features like A/B Testing, Campaign Budget Optimization, Lookalike Expansion, Detailed Targeting Expansion, Automatic Placements, Dynamic Creative, Optimize Creative For Each Person, and Optimize Text Per Person.

Facebook Help Community Has GONE! What This Mean For Advertisers

Facebook Ad MISTAKES To Avoid in 2021 (After iOS 14)

Thank you Ben for your absolute great contents. Could you make a video regarding cold testing interest when starting on launching campaigns. Because I think so many people struggle with this part and they don’t achieve any success to go further and scale. Thanks again Ben. Love the content

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