The 5 Best WordPress Business Directory Plugins

WordPress offers a variety of plugins for creating business directories on your website. These plugins can help you list and manage businesses, services, or locations effectively. Here are some of the best WordPress business directory plugins as of my last knowledge update in September 2021:

  1. WP Business Directory
    • WP Business Directory is a comprehensive and user-friendly plugin for creating business directories. It allows you to add businesses, manage listings, and customize the directory’s appearance.
  2. Business Directory Plugin
    • Business Directory Plugin is a powerful and highly customizable plugin that provides advanced features like custom fields, payment gateways for paid listings, and Google Maps integration.
  3. GeoDirectory
    • GeoDirectory is a popular directory plugin with geolocation capabilities. It enables you to create location-based directories, offers user reviews, and integrates with various themes and plugins.
  4. Connections Business Directory
    • Connections Business Directory is a flexible and easy-to-use plugin that allows you to create a simple business directory with a variety of extensions for added functionality.
  5. Sabai Directory
    • Sabai Directory is a feature-rich directory plugin with a clean and modern interface. It offers user reviews, advanced search functionality, and the ability to import and export data.
  6. Name Directory
    • Name Directory is a lightweight yet powerful directory plugin that specializes in displaying employee or team member profiles on your website. It’s suitable for organizations and businesses with a focus on their team.
  7. Web 2.0 Directory
    • Web 2.0 Directory is a versatile directory plugin that allows you to create directories for various purposes, including businesses, real estate listings, and classified ads.
  8. Connections Business Directory
    • Connections Business Directory is a simple and user-friendly plugin for creating a basic business directory. It offers customization options and the ability to extend functionality with add-ons.
  9. Directorist
    • Directorist is a responsive and SEO-friendly directory plugin that provides various customization options, a customizable dashboard for listing owners, and integration with popular page builders.
  10. Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro
    • Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro is a robust plugin that allows you to create both classified ads and business directories. It includes features like paid listings, custom fields, and Google Maps integration.
  11. Listdom
    • Listdom is a comprehensive directory and listing plugin with a wide range of features, including customizable templates, frontend submission forms, and integrated search filters.
  12. CM Business Directory
    • CM Business Directory is a simple and straightforward directory plugin that focuses on ease of use. It supports custom fields, categories, and offers customizable templates.

How to Install WordPress for an Affiliate Marketing Website

In this 3 part series, we’ll show you how to install and set up your WordPress site. Business Directory Plugin

  • Fully customizable form fields to submit listings
  • Upload images per listing, allow restricted numbers of images based on plan
  • Lots of image options: drag and drop image uploads, easy image ordering, primary image settings, thumbnail sizing and more
  • Accept paid or free listings with
  • Full support for recurring payments
  • Allow for featured/sticky listings for an upgrade fee
  • Widgets for Featured, Latest and Random listings, and a Search widget.
  • Create multiple plans, which can be assigned to categories for posting
  • Built in CSV import and export for easy directory listing creation
  • Avoid spam listings with ReCaptcha
  • Sorting options for categories, listings, and front-end for users to choose sort order
  • Users who post can edit listings without access to the WP dashboard. Our directory software is a great listing manager.
  • SEO Friendly using Yoast SEO, Rank Math, or All in One SEO
  • Quick-search and sorting bar for listings for simple directory searches
  • Advanced search screen with ability to show/hide fields available for search
  • Multilingual directories with WPML
  • Integrates with popular plugins like NavXT Breadcrumbs and WP-PageNavi for easy use

Business Directory Plugin Business Directory Plugin Business Directory Plugin Business Directory Plugin

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