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Build a Responsive Website | HTML, CSS Grid, Flexbox & More

Thank you so much for this and all your other tutorials! You really helped me understand and feel comfortable with CSS grid and flexbox with this. Also, it was so valuable to essentially create our own library with the separate utilities stylesheet.

Now I also understand Bootstrap and how libraries work so much better, too, so…unexpected benefit. 🙂 A few things I changed: I wanted all the pages to be consistent, so I made all the top sections have a slanted bottom like the homepage. I also went back through after it was all done and renamed

.showcase, .features-head, and .docs-head to all be named .top-section. I then went through the CSS .styles and eliminated as much duplicate code as I could find. So along with learning and reinforcing the concepts of the tutorial, because of the way you presented it so clearly, I felt comfortable going in and making some changes and even refactoring…another unexpected bonus. If you’d like to see what changes I made, I’d appreciate any feedback.

I’m moving on next to more advanced site building with js and react and I’m sure I’ll be learning much more from you as I move along. Let’s hope this leads to me getting a job in the near future! 🙂 Here’s the link to my github repo: Here’s the link to the Netlify site: Thank you, again, for sharing your knowledge!!

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