What’s causing EV batteries to explode? Electric scooters are catching fire and exploding across India

Electric scooters are catching fire and exploding across India. In the last two months, more than 30 e-scooters of different companies caught fire and some exploded. What are companies doing about it and what is the government of India’s plan? Watch the video to find the reason behind the fires

Some information in ur video I feel false . Pressure has nothing to do with battery thermal run away .. once pressure change detected even bms or fuse can’t stop the chain reaction. Indian manufacturers need to understand how battery catch fire only then they can prevent such incident . It’s not rocket science . Unfortunately most EV manufacturers I feel keep profit more priority than efficiency which I personally experience in my last 6 years of EV experience in India . We need to learn from ather, ultravoltte how they work . YULU bikes has highest no of bikes running on Indian road … 2 years back they faced many fire incident …but they take this seriously n even after facing many lose they improve n since last 18 month hardly experience any experience

E Vehicle. The name got momentum but not technology. Weather it’s engine or battery pack. You are traveling with bomb

. It’s important how much you are serious about R&D and Engineering goes into it. Believe companies like Mercedes EQ to Tesla, GM, Hyundai, further are spending crores together on R&D. Just to understand technology! Safety relevance. OLA, Pure Ev, Okinawa, are new to it. They are with minds of making money and building big brand. They are very urgent in this race.. they lag significant in terms of technology utilisation. It’s not that they don’t have technology. They have it but not know how to proceed with it! That similar to “A monkey holding a diamond” On other hand ather, ultraviolet are doing best to upheld customer safety. Just think! Bajaj, hero, Yamaha, Honda TVS are leaders in 2-wheelers why not they are like betting big like these companies

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