Sadhguru Explores the Mysteries of the Universe with Bernard Carr

Renowned cosmologist Prof. Bernard Carr and Sadhguru engage in a fascinating discussion about some of the deepest mysteries of our cosmos. In a discussion facilitated by Dr. Bala Subramaniam, Professor of Anesthesiology, Harvard Medical School, Prof. Carr and Sadhguru explore a range of topics, including science, spirituality, time and space, multiverses, and consciousness in an event hosted by the Sadhguru Center for a Conscious Planet at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Sadhguru’s sheer presence is magical and Dr. Carr’s wisdom and knowledge along with his humility is endearing. India has had a huge tradition of Samvaad or debate and this one truly meets the standards of how two fields, science and mysticism should be conversing.

Very rarely we come across scientists like Dr. Bernard who is full of Humility, Integrity, Knowledge, Wisdom and Willingness to listen & understand from Sadhguru. What a wonderful conversation. Sadhguru is Sadhguru, A Master who is Unique, Unmatched, and Unparalled.

You can tell Bernard is one of those scientists who keeps an open mind and willing to be open to the possibilities of there being a dimension that might never we perceptible through us via the intellect but via the being within us that is beyond body and mind.

Even their point of humor which amuses the audience relates towards clarity of their discussion. This is awesome coming out of these two beautiful minds.

I’m only 49 minutes in, but this is such a beautiful conversation. There is lots of respect between the two whilst exchanging super high level wisdom, and that’s lovely to see. Also the hilarious moments like at bringing in a playful dig, and many others, just added perfect humour

As a neutral viewer, I see Dr. Bernard as a very humble person who knows what he is talking about. Then…I can’t say the same about Sadhguru. Somehow he lacks those qualities. But he is a good orator though. Sadhguru can easily sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo

From this conversation we can learn that the less the physical science one has consumed the more Spiritual they are. Simply, Spirituality proceeds from where the physical science ends.

It was such a joy watching these two. There was mutual respect to each other. The scientist has an open mind and a result learned a lot from Sathguru. I am sure It went the other way too although it is hard to tell if there is anything that Sathguru does not know. Overall, an interesting conversation.

This has been one interview where the dialogue is open and even handed. Being an engineer and on my spiritual journey since a few years, this conversation has been the most intellectual stimulating yet spiritually soothing at the same time. Great conversation!

Sadhguru is not confused. Because he does not separate aspects of life, he is able to see the connections between subjects and how they relate. Dr. Carr, is in my view, a true scientist and has my deep respect. He is open minded and also willing to consider all viewpoints. It was fascination to see these two humble giants engage.

For what they talk about at there was one who said this a long time ago already. “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.

Out of all Sadhguru’s conversations from Harvard to David‘s this was a very Unique one & His Perception is indeed attribute less. It would take a lot for the physicists to comprehend & frame in order to understand what he’s trying to debate about beyond the logical limitations of the physicality of existence!

Science and spirituality, often viewed through different lenses, converge in the exploration of the unknown. While science seeks empirical understanding, spirituality delves into the realm of meaning and interconnectedness. Together, they offer a holistic approach, acknowledging the beauty of both measurable facts and the profound mysteries that continue to inspire awe and wonder in our collective human journey.

I think this conversation ended so soon. Bernad had more questions. There should be a follow up session to discuss remaining topics i.e. difference between mental ,psychic and spiritual experience, how to measure them atleast using body chemistry and how to go about building mathematical model around it .

Like many other similar videos, this also helps us in understanding the difference between the intellectual circus and pangs of scientist’ expression and the blissfully relaxed communion of a mystic. See the struggle and body language of marshalling the thoughts by the intellectual gymnast.

Time is a measure of change (impermanence) in the universe. When we meditate Vipassana for example, we move from impermanence (sensory world or samsara is impermanent) towards permanence (beyond senses). As our mind starts paying attention to what is beyond the senses, there is more permanence there. Very little changes. So when we open our eyes we feel only very “little” time has passed. At Nirvana (enlightenment) we reach a state of mind where there is only permanence. Nothing changes. Now we become timeless. All this we can understand easily by practising Buddha’s teachings. There is no need to theorise “again” something that has already been “solved” and clearly explained by the Buddha. Just practice Vipassana meditation. It is not possible to understand concepts like time by writing equations or using intellect. You have to experience it.

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